Black Male Achievement Oakland

Black Male Achievement Oakland

Oakland's first Startup Weekend Hackathon will take place February 7, 2014 - February 9, 2014. The underlying theme is “Black Male Achievement” and challenges participants to solve a critical social impacting problem over the weekend that could produce a viable business. This groundbreaking event presents the question "can we create a Silicon Valley that lives up to Dr. King’s dream". The hackathon and closing reception will bring together community members, business leaders, government, technologists, marketing professionals, creatives, youth, parents, entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate, build, share and support innovative solutions to aid communities worldwide.

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California Students Who Are at a Healthy Weight or Underweight, by Grade Level (2011-2012) for all Counties
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Includes Links to Table, Chart and Map

"According to the 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, an estimated 17% of children ages 2-19 are obese (defined as having a Body Mass Index, BMI, at or above the 95th percentile for age and gender per the 2000 CDC growth charts). This rate has nearly tripled over the past three decades (1). Obese children are at risk for a range of social and physical health problems including low self-esteem, discrimination from others, joint problems, sleep apnea, and asthma (2). Obese children, along with overweight children (defined as having a BMI between the 85th and 95th percentile), are more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease; in addition, they are likely to stay overweight or obese as adults, placing them at increased risk for serious chronic diseases (3). Obesity’s impact also extends beyond the individual; studies estimate that U.S. medical care costs related to obesity may have totaled more than $140 billion in 2008, and costs are projected to rise to $344 billion by 2018 if current trends continue (4, 5)." See for additional informaiton


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(tablets/capsules) based on physical characteristics and high-resolution images.

Once a medication is identified, Pillbox provides links to drug information and drug labels.

Combining data derived from drug labels submitted to FDA by drug manufacturers and distributors and NLM's RxNorm, Pillbox is an identification and reference system for oral solid-dosage medications.

Pillbox's data and search engine are also available through an API:


Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) to Combat Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer
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Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) to combat obesity, heart disease, and cancer are major components of the Community Health Data Initiative. This dataset provides key health indicators for local communities and encourages dialogue about actions that can be taken to improve community health (e.g., obesity, heart disease, cancer). The CHSI report and dataset was designed not only for public health professionals but also for members of the community who are interested in the health of their community. The CHSI report contains over 200 measures for each of the 3,141 United States counties. Although CHSI presents indicators like deaths due to heart disease and cancer, it is imperative to understand that behavioral factors such as obesity, tobacco use, diet, physical activity, alcohol and drug use, sexual behavior and others substantially contribute to these deaths.


Handout on Health: Sports Injuries
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In recent years, increasing numbers of people of all ages have been heeding their health professionals’ advice to get active for all of the health benefits exercise has to offer. But for some people—particularly those who overdo or who don’t properly train or warm up—these benefits can come at a price: sports injuries.

Links to FAQs, Illustrations, Preventing Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries in Youth: A Guide for Parents, ¿Qué son las lesiones deportivas?, and more.


Child Sports Injuries
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Taking part in sports and recreation activities is an important part of a healthy, physically active lifestyle for kids. But injuries can, and do, occur. More than 2.6 million children 0-19 years old are treated in the emergency department each year for sports and recreation-related injuries.


California Dept of Education Data Resources
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Highlights Include:

DataQuest Reports for accountability (e.g. API, AYP), test data, enrollment, graduates, dropouts, course enrollments, staffing, and data regarding English learners.

Ed-Data (Outside Source) State, county, district, and school level reports covering topics such as students, staffing, finances, and performance rankings.

Data Resource Guide (DRG) Catalog of the Department's data resources that documents, names, and defines all of the data that are available throughout the Department.

Longitudinal Education Data Systems California's statewide K-12 education data systems including the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) and the California Basic Educational Data System Online Reporting Application (CBEDS-ORA).


Juvenile Felony Arrests (All Years)
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Definition: Number of juvenile felony arrests among youth under age 18

Data Source: As cited on, California Dept. of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center,Monthly Arrest and Citation Register (MACR) Data Files; CJSC publishedtables. Accessed at (Jul. 2013)


High School Graduation Rate (All Years)
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Definition: Percentage of public high school students who graduate from high school, based on the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate (e.g., 78.9% of the students who started high school in 2008 statewide graduated with their class in 2012). The adjusted cohort graduation rate measures the percentage of students who graduate from high school with a high school diploma, GED, or special education certificate of completion

Data Source: As cited on, California Dept. of Education, California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). Accessed at (Nov. 2013)


High School Graduates Completing College Preparatory Courses (All Years)
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Definition: Percentage of public school 12th grade graduates completing courses required for University of California (UC) and/or California State University (CSU) entrance, with a grade of "C" or better.

Data Source: As cited on, California Dept. of Education, California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS). Accessed at (Aug. 2013). 


QuitNowTXT Library (Updated September 2013)
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The QuitNowTXT text messaging program is designed as a resource that can be adapted to specific contexts including those outside the United States and in languages other than English. Based on evidence-based practices, this program is a smoking cessation intervention for smokers who are ready to quit smoking. Although evidence supports the use of text messaging as a platform to deliver cessation interventions, it is expected that the maximum effect of the program will be demonstrated when it is integrated into other elements of a national tobacco control strategy.