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Civic Hacks

Participants will gather at the beautiful and inspiring CCAD MindMarket to learn about the challenges facing Columbus from domain experts, pitch ideas, choose a team, and build technology solutions. The winning team for each civic challenge topic will receive a grant to continue their work beyond the event.

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California Department Of Public Health - 2010 Hospitals Located In California - CDPH. CA. GOV - LNC - 2010 Hospitals (185189)
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CDPH.CA.GOV - LNC - 2010 Hospitals (185189)

Description Hospital location information. Hospital types include: Acute Psychiatric, Chemical Dependency Recovery, General Acute Care

Posted on December 20, 2011 by CA Data Directory Administrator

Agency: California Department of Public Health


California Student Marijuana or Other Drug Use (KidsData)
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California Student Marijuana or Other Drug Use (How High Students Report Getting), by Grade Level, by California County

Kidsdata- Marijuana-or- Other- Drug- Use-( How- High- Students- Report- Getting)--by- Grade- Level-for-2008-2010-( All- Years)


California HealthCare Foundation - Number Of Psychiatrists By County 2012
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Mapping the Gaps: Mental Health in California About 1 in 20 adults in California suffers from a serious mental illness, though rates can vary widely by region. What other factors tied to mental illness show similar geographic variations?

California shows wide geographic variation in rates of serious mental illness. The state’s poorest areas often have the highest rates of mental illness, and they are also among the regions with the fewest licensed mental health professionals to provide treatment.

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California Student Mental Health  Hospitalizations (Kidsdata)
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Student Hospitalizations for Mental Health Issues, by Age Group, by County Kidsdata- Hospitalizations-for- Mental- Health- Issues--by- Age- Group--2012


California Healthcare Facilities - OSHPD HWDD - OSHPD Healthcare Facilities201210
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The California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission (HWDD) reviews California's counties Medical Service Study Areas (MSSAs) to assess population density, provider-to-population ratios, poverty levels, and public health indicators for eligibility to receive federal assistance for health care through federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas


California Student Self-Inflicted Injury Hospitalizations (KidsData)
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California Student Self-Inflicted Injury Hospitalizations, by Age Kidsdata- Self- Inflicted- Injury- Hospitalizations--by- Age-( All- Years)