Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis

Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis

Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis is a weekend hackathon that encourages community involvement for the betterment of Saint Louis. Participants will work to solve problems and better the Saint Louis area through the development and application of technology, creation of organizations, and just plain hard work.

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Summit County Roads
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The Streets layer contains lines depicting the centerline of the traveled way of public and private streets for all of Summit County. Lines are segmented by street name, address range, and CFCC code. Direction of each line is from smallest to largest address. The dataset was originally derived from United States Census Bureau TIGER files, and updated using road centerlines, as interpreted from 1994 and 2000 aerial photography; right-of-way and access easement centerlines, as shown on the Summit County parcel maps; other recorded documents and surveys; and some field checks. Currently, the Summit County Engineer assigns street names and addresses for areas within the townships, while each municipality is responsible for its own addressing system. The Engineer and municipalities have also contributed corrections to this dataset. This layer is currently under development. To provide the taxpayers and agencies of Summit County a streets layer at a scale and accuracy useful for property appraisal, planning, analysis, navigation, and address geocoding. The suitability of this dataset for any other uses is not guaranteed and the user assumes all risk for such uses. Summit County, Ohio, assumes no legal responsibility for works derived from this dataset. This dataset should never be relied upon to establish with certainty the location of property lines or the location of any other feature in relation to a property line. To establish a property line, or the relationship of a feature to a property line, the services of a Professional Surveyor, registered to practice in the State of Ohio, must be employed.



Address Shp KC-GIS
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King County address shapefile