Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis

Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis

Random Hacks of Kindness Saint Louis is a weekend hackathon that encourages community involvement for the betterment of Saint Louis. Participants will work to solve problems and better the Saint Louis area through the development and application of technology, creation of organizations, and just plain hard work.

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2013 FHWA Bridges Data Base - Indiana
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Local communities and public agencies face a variety of capital program improvement needs. These needs directly affect quality of life for residents and the ability of cities and towns to attract and retain businesses. INDOT works proactively to assist Local Public Agencies (LPA) in addressing capital needs.

By statute, INDOT shares gas tax revenue distributed out of the state Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (MVHF) and Local Road and Street Fund (LRSF) with local communities. Distributions out of these funds are made by the auditor’s office to each local community for use on road and street projects


Bridges - CVNP
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Shapefiles for the CVNP Bridges


Bridges Shp KC-GIS
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King County bridges